The reality of life aboard a sailboat

My First Month in Grenada?

I’ve been in Grenada for a month now but it sure doesn’t feel like it…thanks to the ability to work from my boat. Technology ruins everything once again.

Boatyard Déjà Vu

Boatyard Fever: like Cabin Fever, but while living aboard your boat in a boatyard. It’s been five weeks and I can’t take it any longer – I need to get wet!

The Sea Is Calling

Time to get my medicine – as they say, “vitamin sea”. I’ve been gone from my boat far too long, and this is what I’ve been going through thinking about it.

Return to Haiti, Part Three

A rundown of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti’s March-April 2015 “Cruise For A Cause” to Ile A Vache, Haiti.

Return to Haiti, Part Two

Work in Haiti got off to a bit of a rough start, all due to things out of our control. But we’ve finally reigned in everything, and ahead of schedule!

Return to Haiti, Part One

I haven’t returned to the small Haitian island of Ile A Vache for two years, yet the boys who guided me around the island then still remember my name.

Living Aboard: Life’s Detours

For a long time I ignored how I would handle a family emergency while I was out cruising…and then that day came when I had to address it.

Bahamas Sea Turtle Research

I had the pleasure of “tagging” along with a couple who spends their retirement capturing, measuring, and tagging green sea turtles for a research center.


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