Thoughts on sailing and cruising gear

My First Year with Cape Horn Self Steering

People often ask me how I rest while my sailboat is still sailing and I’m all alone. A wind vane is the answer – and Cape Horn is the model I’ll swear by.

SPOT vs. DeLorme Satellite Messengers

Looking at the key features of the two most popular GPS satellite messengers – SPOT Gen3 and the DeLorme inReach SE. Which one is the best travel partner?

Creative Edge Solar 5 Solar Charger

I took this portable solar phone charger with me on my last sailing adventure, and it exceeded my expectations! And for an amazing price as well!

Small Sailboat Wind Generator Systems

I was living in an electrical deficit using just my marine solar panels. So I had a portable wind generator delivered to the Bahamas – it works great!

Small Sailboat Solar Refrigeration

I just purchased a Technautics CoolBlue DC holding plate system to replace my engine-driven holding plate system. It’ll be powered by my solar panels.


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