Puerto Rico

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DATES OF STAY: 03/09/2013-04/08/2013.

OF INTEREST:  Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, is rich in history, culture, and ecology.  The island is home to America’s only tropical rain forest, many “Blue Flag” beaches meeting strict international standards, and yet-to-be exploited dive sites.  It is also home to many bays containing the highest concentrations of bioluminescence in the world.  The islands of the Spanish Virgin Islands are largely undeveloped and provide a great example of the natural state of the islands – but with some Spanish culture mixed in.


Puerto Rico: Isla Culebrita

Puerto Rico: Isla Culebrita

April 8th, 2013

Isla Culebrita Some people "complain" that the isla de Culebra, east of Puerto Rico, is too small.  I guess that makes Culebrita, or "little Culebra" not much more than a rock in the ocean.  True, it's small and no one lives there, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a visit. Sailing to Culeb...Read More->

Puerto Rico: Isla Caja de Muertos

Puerto Rico: Isla Caja de Muertos

March 21st, 2013

How do I always end up with places like this to myself? Because I was there on a Tuesday? Yes, most of the locals were back to work after the weekend, but that still doesn't explain where the other sailboats were. Not that I'm complaining. Isla Caja de Muertos, or "Coffin Island", is an u...Read More->




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