Bahamas – Conception Island


Conception Island

DATES OF STAY: 01/14/2013-01/19/2013.
OF INTEREST: Conception Island is a part of the Bahamas’ National Park system.  It is uninhabited and the park has strict rules concerning visitor treatment of the island.  It is surrounded by some of the best reefs in the Bahamas, where there are rays, sharks, sea turtles, colorful fish, and dolphins.  The only sign of human life are some stone ruins covered in brush, believed to be fishing houses from the 1920s.

The interior of the island has an amazing mangrove creek system.  The water, much of which dries at low tide, snakes for miles through the interior.  Rays and sharks nurse here, and green sea turtles & hawksbill turtles use it as a safe feeding habitat.  It can be explored by dinghy or kayak.  The island is also an important stop for migratory seabirds and tropicbirds, and some of the largest migratory populations in the Bahamas are here.

This island is close to San Salvador, where Columbus landed in 1492, and he also explored Conception after San Salvador.  Walk the same beaches that Columbus did that infamous year!

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