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DATES OF STAY: 05/11/2013-05/18/2013.

OF INTEREST:  Antigua at one point had almost 200 mills, mostly used for the production of rum.  Remnants of these mills can be seen throughout the island.  English Harbour is also home to the only Georgian dockyard still being used as a dockyard, and strolling through the cobble streets transports you back to the colonial days.  But there is also plenty to do underwater, with dozens of dive sites, snorkeling opportunities, and wrecks.


Antigua: Wreck of the Andes

Antigua: Wreck of the Andes

May 15th, 2013

Snorkeling on an old shipwreck in Antigua When people think of seeing impressive shipwrecks, they usually think of having to use scuba gear.  The Andes is one of the many exceptions to this.  This wreck lies at the bottom of Deep Bay, Antigua.  The name of the bay is slightly misleading. The A...Read More->




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