Sailing from Bequia to Dominica

It was a difficult decision to leave Bequia, but I had to take advantage of the weather and make a quick stop in Dominica, next year’s major destination.

Sailing in the Tobago Cays

If you’re anywhere near the Grenadines at all, the Tobago Cays marine park needs to be on your list of stops.

Carriacou: Carnival 2016

I had no idea the historical background of the Carriacou Carnival – this colorful festival is full of history – here is some of it with photos!

Grenada’s Waterfalls: Annandale Falls

Of all the waterfalls in Grenada, Annandale Falls is one of the easiest to get to. It also offers a short nature & agriculture interpretive trail.

Grenada: Mount Hartman Bay

Almost all cruising sailors have their “spot” that they call home in the Caribbean – I think I just found mine in Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Grenada: Gouyave Fish Fry Friday!

One of the staples in Grenada is the Friday fish fry that takes place in Gouyave, the fishing center of the island. Great food, drinks, and steel bands!

Grenada: The Pre-Tour Island Tour

My rental car plans fell through so I bit the bullet and joined a Grenada bus tour with some other sailors. I’m sure glad I did it this way instead!

My First Month in Grenada?

I’ve been in Grenada for a month now but it sure doesn’t feel like it…thanks to the ability to work from my boat. Technology ruins everything once again.

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada is home to the first “underwater sculpture park” in the world, just off of Moliniere Point, and the unique sculptures can be accessed by snorkelers, divers, and boaters.

Best Boat Storage in the Caribbean?

What’s your criteria when you select a boatyard for storage? Price? Location? Party opportunities? St. Kitts Marine Works is by far cheaper than anything else I’ve found and central to most islands.

Boatyard Déjà Vu

Boatyard Fever: like Cabin Fever, but while living aboard your boat in a boatyard. It’s been five weeks and I can’t take it any longer – I need to get wet!

New Video from Haiti: April Charity Work

Wonder what kind of charity work goes on in Haiti? This video offers a glimpse of what the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti does, during an April trip.

The Sea Is Calling

Time to get my medicine – as they say, “vitamin sea”. I’ve been gone from my boat far too long, and this is what I’ve been going through thinking about it.

My First Year with Cape Horn Self Steering

People often ask me how I rest while my sailboat is still sailing and I’m all alone. A wind vane is the answer – and Cape Horn is the model I’ll swear by.

SPOT vs. DeLorme Satellite Messengers

Looking at the key features of the two most popular GPS satellite messengers – SPOT Gen3 and the DeLorme inReach SE. Which one is the best travel partner?

Creative Edge Solar 5 Solar Charger

I took this portable solar phone charger with me on my last sailing adventure, and it exceeded my expectations! And for an amazing price as well!

Return to Haiti, Part Three

A rundown of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti’s March-April 2015 “Cruise For A Cause” to Ile A Vache, Haiti.

Return to Haiti, Part Two

Work in Haiti got off to a bit of a rough start, all due to things out of our control. But we’ve finally reigned in everything, and ahead of schedule!

Return to Haiti, Part One

I haven’t returned to the small Haitian island of Ile A Vache for two years, yet the boys who guided me around the island then still remember my name.

Living Aboard: Life’s Detours

For a long time I ignored how I would handle a family emergency while I was out cruising…and then that day came when I had to address it.

St. Eustatius: Fort Oranje

St. Eustatius is probably one of the most interestingly beautiful and historically significant islands in the Caribbean.

Antigua: Wreck of the Andes

Snorkeling on one of the most prominent Antigua shipwrecks, with pictures and a history of the wreck.

Puerto Rico: Isla Culebrita

Isla Culebrita, a small island near Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico, is a pristine escape for cruisers looking for that postcard Caribbean beach.

Puerto Rico: Isla Caja de Muertos

Anchored for a day at Puerto Rico’s nature reserve of Isla Caja de Muertos. Exploring the island while I was the only one there.

The Bahamas: The Hermitage

The Cat Island Hermitage is no doubt one of the most unique buildings in the Bahamas, modeled after a medieval monastery.

Bahamas Sea Turtle Research

I had the pleasure of “tagging” along with a couple who spends their retirement capturing, measuring, and tagging green sea turtles for a research center.

Small Sailboat Wind Generator Systems

I was living in an electrical deficit using just my marine solar panels. So I had a portable wind generator delivered to the Bahamas – it works great!

Living Aboard: Laundry Day

Life on a sailboat…wake up, make coffee, work on the engine, do laundry, run into town… Here’s a quick rundown of a day in Marsh Harbor.

The Bahamas: Camera Down

Rookie underwater photographer mistake – don’t preflight your underwater case before a dive. Resulted in the probable loss of a camera body.

The Bahamas: Abaco Christmas Festival

Marsh Harbour held its ninth annual Christmas Festival on December 8th. Very popular with the locals, yet I couldn’t help but wonder where the tourists were.

Living Aboard: That Damn Engine

In previous posts I shared some problems with my fuel system and my temporary fix. Now it’s completely shot and I’m contemplating if I even need an engine.

Living Aboard: Whatever The Weather Says

Still haven’t moved more than ten miles from where I was almost two weeks ago. I knew that my schedule would be dictated by the tides and the weather.

Living Aboard: The Hard Part

Seventeen days, 70 hours of sleep, 810 miles, and one hurricane…this trip was supposed to take only one week but I’m finally enjoying some Bahamian air.

Preparing for Cruising: Just Go!

It appeared to be just a myth when I bought my boat. I was warned that I shouldn’t fall into the trap of just tinkering on the boat the rest of my life.

Preparing for Cruising: Progress Report

We’ve been through this before…I get focused on boat projects and no one hears from me for weeks. This is what I’ve done since my last update.

Small Sailboat Solar Refrigeration

I just purchased a Technautics CoolBlue DC holding plate system to replace my engine-driven holding plate system. It’ll be powered by my solar panels.

Preparing for Cruising: August Already?

Well, I think next month is it…when I’ll be back in the water and headed south. Like really far south. For those who have been wondering where I’ve been, here’s an update.

Preparing for Cruising: Day One

Day one as in, my first day as a civilian. This was my last week as an active duty Air Force officer. Now on to the boatyard working on my sailboat!

Life On The Hard, Week One

Well it’s been one week since Saoirse came out of the water for some final projects before taking me around South America.  Living in a boatyard is definitely…different.

Life in a Boatyard: Fish Out Of Water

I think it’s safe to say that hardly any boat owners look forward to taking their boat out of the water. Especially liveaboards, who make their home aboard. I’ll be “on the hard” for potentially a couple of months while I do some work on my vessel, getting her ready for my long cruise.

Adventures in the Galley: The Sailing Tortilleria

The only way to always have fresh bread and tortillas while cruising is to make them yourself – here I attempt to make flour tortillas from scratch in a galley barely big enough for one, using only flour, water, oil, and salt.

Preparing for Cruising: Provisioning Practice

Can a guy who loved drinking beer and dining out sustain himself on flour, beans, rice, pasta, and canned vegetables for an indefinite amount of time? Time to start figuring it out!

Preparing for Cruising: Final Destination

It’s a question I get every day: “Where are you sailing?” I do need some direction in mind to know where to point my bow once I leave North Carolina, and I’ve had plenty of time to ponder it in the last few months. I think I have it figured out.

Man-Sewing, Revisited

I bought a Sailrite heavy-duty sewing machine to make a new dodger for my sailboat, and after putting it off long enough out of fear of sewing, finally bit the bullet and made it.

Sailboat Lighting LED Conversion

Upgrading sailboat cabin lighting…specifically, converting all of my 15-watt incandescent bulbs to new, fancy, and energy-saving light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. And while I was at it, why not replace the actual dome lights as well?

Small Sailboat AC Electrical Systems

March is Electrical Systems Month, and these projects include: an inverter, new electrical distribution panel, batteries, solar panels, and rewiring. Let’s start with selecting an inverter.

Preparing for Cruising: Eyes on the Prize!

My whole reason for ditching life “on the hard” one year before setting out on my “Big Trip” was to work on projects and get Saoirse ready just as much as getting myself ready. But right now my checklist doesn’t have very many checks next to anything.

Man-Sewing on the Sailboat

I don’t know which of the following was more difficult: buying a sewing machine, using a sewing machine, or admitting that I have/use a sewing machine. Just wait til the guys at work hear about this.

Sailboat Diesel Engine Woes

My first experience with diesel engine problems – it won’t start! Fortunately I had some help finding this very easy fix. Bleeding the air out of the lines.

Water In My Algae Tank

Cleaning my fresh water tank was my final big project to finish before S/V Saoirse would feel more like a “home”. You wouldn’t believe how dirty it was.

The Science of Nature

My thoughts on a recent magazine article I read titled, “This is your brain on nature.” Side effects: overall great health. I couldn’t agree more.

Sailboat Refrigeration for Dummies

One of the problems with sailboat refrigeration systems is efficiency. Excessive heat transfer requires more energy to keep it cold, and energy is precious.

Buying a Sailboat: So It Begins…

I just bought a sailboat! Which projects need to be done first? Where do I start? I think I’ll start with this six-pack of beer. I’m in over my head.

Buying a Sailboat: The Survey

I’m buying a sailboat! I’ve wanted one for twenty years and it’s about time! I found one I like but before I hand over the money it needs a proper survey.


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