Sailing Adventures

In 2011 I bought my first sailboat, a 27-foot Pacific Seacraft Orion and outfitted it for long-distance voyaging.

The following year I left the Air Force after 10 years and sailed south from North Carolina.  I’m currently in the West Indies sailing part time with no solid plans of where I’ll go next!


Looking to do something similar?  Leave the rat race and buy a little sailboat?  Or maybe you’re already doing it an just looking for some more resources or reading.  I hope this page helps you out with all of that!


Buying a Sailboat


Outfitting the Sailboat

Life Afloat

Safety at Sea

  • Ed L

    I have read most of your links. I have a question, boat insurance. Comprehensive ? Collision ? Theft? An American, Canadian, Loyds of London? Who to choose?

    • Hi Ed, I had comprehensive coverage with IMIS during my first year. It is very expensive to insure a boat during hurricane season in the hurricane belt so I dropped it and am now on the “cash plan”, although I may pick up a collision policy next time I’m down there. The problem with that is finding a qualified surveyor – some of the islands don’t have any at all.

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