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Grenada’s Waterfalls: Seven Sisters Falls

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Seven Sisters Falls (St. Margaret’s Falls)

Distance: Approximately 1.5 miles one-way to the main falls
30 minutes one-way
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

seven sisters falls

So a couple of days ago I checked out Annandale Falls, a scenic waterfall literally right off the road and the bus route. It was a little touristy with vendor stands and concrete viewing platform and such.  I just recently hiked the Seven Sisters Falls, also known as St. Margaret’s Falls, for a different feel.

The day started with a bus ride to the St. George’s bus station where I hopped on the No. 6 bus. The fare is $5EC to the falls, or just under $2US. Leaving St. Georges you’ll start heading up into the mountains, passing all sorts of colorful communities along the way. You’ll notice the drop in temperature as you enter the rainforest, and if you thought everything was green before, it gets really green now. The roads are lined with bamboo, giant ferns, and even pine trees. The entrance to Seven Sisters Falls is a couple miles past Grand Etang Lake, and simply marked with a rusty sign reading “St Margaret Falls”.

grenada janet house

The entrance fee for this hike is also $5EC. You’ll sign into the log and be handed a walking stick – I initially thought the stick was a way to keep track of who has paid, but it quickly became useful during some steep downhill steps cut into the hillside and passing through some residual mud from the last rain. Guides are available here; I arrived just after the last group left and so I was on my own. Recommended payment for the guides is $20EC.

seven sister falls staircase

The trail is marked well and there’s really no way to get lost on your own, you’ll just miss out on some of the information that guides can provide. You will need to take a correct turn at one intersection; the beginning of the trail is on a dirt road and after a few hundred yards you’ll see a well-worn unmarked footpath to the left, just before the main road heads up a hill.  That’s your footpath!

seven sisters falls trail

The hike to Seven Sisters Falls is mostly downhill, steep at times, and takes about 20-30 minutes. Most people stop at these main falls, made up of two falls cascading into pools.  Bring a bathing suit and a towel because these pools are awesome to swim in!  Most people say the water is cold, but I grew up swimming in Lake Tahoe, so I’ll just use “refreshing”.  It can get crowded with cruise ship passengers in the high season, so be warned.

seven sisters falls stream

seven sisters falls

If you want to keep going, the trail is identifiable past Seven Sisters Falls, on the other side of a stream crossing.  It follows a network of streams for about another 15 minutes. There really aren’t many more falls to see along the way, mostly just small cascades through the rainforest.

The trail eventually ends at a small canyon – I had considered climbing a felled log to get up into this narrow canyon, but it was slicker than snot so I gave up the attempt. I wonder what’s up there?  I may try again at some later time.

seven sisters falls stream

seven sisters falls stream

You can view all photos from this hike, and others, in my Explore Grenada photo gallery.

seven sisters falls

Video featuring this hike



Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Really lovely photos! Great information too.

John Peltier

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Thanks, it's one of my favorite waterfalls in Grenada!