Backpacking & Travel with Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

Backpacking & traveling with a mirrorless system like the Sony alpha line is a win-win-win situation.

The camera bodies are smaller and lighter.  Thus, your camera packs can be smaller and lighter.  This allows you to either carry more personal gear to make up for this; or if you don’t do that you’ll be lighter on your feet and capable of moving faster.

Choosing the right Sony mirrorless camera & lenses

Lightweight Action Shooter

All-around shooter

Low-light workhorse

Movie machine

Read more about each of these individual cameras:  A Sony alpha mirrorless camera comparison

sony alphasCheck out the following articles on converting to Sony and deciding which camera & lenses will work best for you

These are the Sony alpha mirrorless lenses you want to take hiking

Converting from Canon to Sony mirrorless

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My first year shooting with Sony mirrorless

Decoding Sony alpha mirrorless camera lenses

Should you get the a6300 or a6500?

Carrying Sony mirrorless cameras while backpacking & traveling

Check out these reviews of camera carrying systems I’ve tried out – and fell in love with

The ThinkTank Retrospective canvas shoulder bags

ThinkTank Hubba Hubba Hiney waist bag

Peak Design Capture Pro Clip & Slide Straps

MindShift Gear’s BackLight 26L

My favorite camera daypack: MindShift’s SidePath 14L

Other gear accessories for hiking with Sony mirrorless cameras

Read these articles to get the most out of carrying your Sony alpha cameras on the trail

Five lightweight backpacking tips for photographers

Extending your camera battery on the trail

GoalZero Nomad 7 solar charger

The five best tripods for backpacking & lightweight travel

Off-camera flash solutions for Sony mirrorless cameras

Review of the Anker PowerCore 20100 portable charger

Shooting with Sony mirrorless cameras on the go

Tips for getting better photos with Sony alpha mirrorless cameras

Understanding exposure compensation

Meteor shower lessons learned

Geotagging photos in Adobe Lightroom

Including people in your travel photography

Sunset prediction tools

Editing RAW photos on the trail with the GNARBOX

The Custom Mode dial: the most underutilized & important shooting mode

Calculating sun & moon position around mountains with The Photographer’s Ephemeris app Geodetics

Focus faster & more accurately using “back button focus”

Understand the difference between Contrast Detection & Phase Detection autofocus and when to use them


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