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“Going to the mountains is going home” – John Muir

Feel the restorative benefits of being out in nature.  I can vouch for it 100%!

The John Muir Trail

Plan your trip on America’s most scenic trail, named after the father of our national parks

The Lost Coast Trail

Don’t have time for the John Muir Trail?  My second favorite trail will renew you

Hiking Lake Tahoe

The Jewel of the Sierras is surrounded by some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the west

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An interactive map of all hiking trails I’ve written about and photographed

Latest Hiking Posts

Hiking & Other Things To Do Near Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Hiking & Other Things To Do Near Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Iceland is called the "land of fire and ice", and there's plenty of fire to check out in northern Iceland near Lake Mývatn.  Curious about the best way to see Iceland in general?  Read my report about driving around Iceland in a camper van. Hiking and other things to...


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