Evolution of the blog

This website has come a long way since I launched it in 2010! It started as a personal blog. My first three posts detailed my security patrol flying over the Atlantis launch, backpacking Scotland’s West Highland Way, and finding out who my ancestors were.

Then when I announced my sailing plans, the blog focused heavily on the sailboat voyage preparation and my sailing travels. After that, when I had time to do more backpacking, that entered the mix. And all this time, photography was sprinkled in all over.

If you follow me on social media you’ve probably noticed that my posts are all over the place too. Maybe you followed me for the sailing stuff, but all you saw me share today were hiking & photography posts – what the hell?!

I feel my blog, in general, suffers from the same schizophrenia. What is the focus here?

Taking it in a new – er, straighter – direction

Time to really nail that down in 2018.

Last year I addressed this somewhat by dividing my newsletter lists into various topics, allowing you to opt-in to the subjects that interest you.

I still feel that my main problem is that I’m trying to please a lot of different readers and that’s just not the right answer. Web traffic has increased tenfold in the past two years!

So going into 2018, this blog will be more photo-centric. After all, that’s really who I am, and that’s what I’m always doing no matter where I go!

But I’m not totally changing

I’ll continue to publish sailing stories, hiking & backpacking tips, and trail reports!  There will just be some changes on how these appear on my website and how they’re published to social media.  Facebook, for example, will be primarily for photography stuff.  Twitter, being the free-for-all that it is, will have a mix of everything.  My personal G+ account has always been divided into Collections so that won’t change.

I do have a lot of great photography posts lined up for regular Thursday publication and will be consistent with that.

Other posts, such as travel destinations and backpacking tips, will be published more irregularly as they come up in my life. But again, sometimes you may not see these pop up in social feeds.

I sure hope you stick around no matter what your interests are! I’m still going to be doing my thing – sailing and hiking – I’m just changing the way it’s presented.

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I hope everyone has a great 2018!

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