Yes there’s a question mark in this post title.  I’ve been in Grenada for a month now…but have I really?

When I made landfall in Grenada I anchored off of the capital of St. George’s for a few days. I caught my breath (i.e. sleep) and rounded Point Saline for the south coast, anchoring in Prickly Bay and clearing customs. Why Prickly Bay? Because it’s close to the medical university, and there are cute girls there.

prickly bay

Dusk in Prickly Bay.

Well, that and Prickly Bay is a large social hub for cruisers and has many boat services & parts available. It’s packed with boats! It’s also deep water. And with no barrier reef, the swell finds its way into the harbor, from the south, while the trade winds keep your bow pointed east. This makes for an uncomfortable stay! I’m actually surprised how many people choose to stay there with the amount of roll. It was so bad at times that my caprails were just about touching the water on each roll. I didn’t even want to attempt my swell bridle to try to make things more comfortable – too risky with the strong Christmas Winds and crowded harbor.

I stayed in Prickly Bay just over two weeks, taking a break for two days to sail with some new friends up to Grenada’s underwater sculpture park. But other than that I was mostly working, catching up on some assignments and trying to pay off that boatyard bill!

underwater sculpture park

The underwater sculpture park in Dragon Bay, Grenada

The underwater sculpture park…that reminds me…I went ashore there and tried some of the local moonshine at the beach bar.  It’s rum fermented in a mix of…plants, I guess.  Strong aftertaste of bay leaves.  But that’s once you can get over the burning, which takes about ten minutes.

I still had some fun – Prickly Bay Marina has some good social events like live music, a great restaurant, and bar overlooking the water. The dinghy concert in Phare Bleu was a good time, despite being windy and getting a few sprinkles.

dinghy concert

Phare Bleu’s dinghy concert…the band sets up on a tug and everyone rafts up to surrounding barges.


Dinghy’s rafted up for Phare Bleu’s dinghy concert.

But after sixteen days it was time to go. Sorry ladies at med school, none of you are worth the rolling hell in Prickly Bay.

Christmas Eve was windy with passing rain, raining out the beach barbecue, but Christmas Day had settled down a bit. That morning I saw my window to motorsail a couple miles east to Mount Hartman Bay.

I had tried getting in to Mount Hartman Bay on my way back from the underwater sculpture park a week before Christmas. But a big squall came through just as I was sailing past Prickly Bay, building up the seas and dropping visibility to about a quarter mile. And it showed no signs of stopping.

The entrance to Mount Hartman Bay is surrounded by shoals and reefs, and these quickly built up some nasty waves in the squalls, not to mention slowing my forward progress and making it impossible to sight the reefs & shoals. That’s when I turned around to spend the week up until Christmas in Prickly Bay. But Christmas was perfect for entering Mount Hartman Bay.

grenada fishermen

Fishermen working the flats just inside the barrier reefs of Mount Hartman Bay.

I found a nice quiet spot in Mount Hartman Bay to anchor, next to the mangroves. The water is much more flat here – what a nice change! The barrier reefs do a good job of breaking the swell on the east side of the bay.

And guess what?! I had a good wi-fi signal! Yay, I can work even more from my boat!

Okay, this is where I’m actually kind of disappointed with myself. After two weeks in Mount Hartman Bay, the only times I got off the boat was to take the weekly shopping bus into town for groceries, visit Jenny’s Farmer’s Market Mondays at Secret Harbour Marina, and one other night a week to take advantage of the nice dinner specials at the marina. But other than that…work, work, work.

This is going to have to change.

grenada farmers market

Jenny’s Farmer’s Market at Secret Harbour…a very impressive spread of fresh produce!

I did manage to get caught up on a lot of things that I was lagging behind on. Hell, I even got ahead of some writing assignments. Do I see a week completely devoid of work in my future? After all, I’m in paradise but haven’t really seen it yet.

Suggestions for the first things I should do?  Check back in a few days to see what adventures I went on!


Sunsets on the hammock. With a glass of rum. Not bad.


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