Honl Photo makes a line of portable Speedlite modifiers based around what they call the Speed Strap.  It truly is an all-in-one solution for photographers like myself who are limited on what they can carry.  Need to carry some light modifiers on a backpacking trip?  This is your system.

Honl Speed System

The Speed Strap is essentially a large velcro strap, which you wrap around the head of your Speedlite.  The inside is a non-stick rubber, so it’ll never slide off of your strobe.  The thick velcro allows you to add a variety of their light modifiers, from color correction gels, snoots, soft boxes, and so on.  I haven’t taken my Speed Strap off of one of my 580EX II Speedlites for years, that’s how much I love it and the diversity that it offers.

The Honl Photo system has its roots in war correspondence.  Photojournalist David Honl found himself clumsily rearranging Speedlite modifiers in the heat of battle and wanted an easier way.  He got his hands on a sewing machine and the rest is history.

I need to travel light and work fast, and this system is invaluable for situations like that.  I can quickly velcro a 1/2 CTO gel over my strobe to warm up a scene at sunset, then add the Honl Snoot/Reflector on top of that to shape the light.  And without having to spend too much time or too much pack space on it all.

Once you get the Speed Strap, go have fun adding other modifiers to go with it!  Purchase the Honl Photo Speed Strap from Amazon for $9.95 (eligible for Prime Free Shipping) and check out the other modifiers while you’re there!  The lineup includes:
1/8″ Honeycomb Speed Grid, $29.95: Focus your light where you want it.
Color Correction kit, $19.86.  Warm up your photos a touch or correct your flash to match tungsten, incandescent, or various other lighting sources.  Organize them with the Honlphoto Roll Up Filter Case, $19.95.


Traveller8 Softbox, $69.95.  A truly portable softbox compatible with the Speed Strap.


8-inch Speed Snoot, $29.95.  Can be used as a snoot, gobo, and reflector.


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