One of my biggest concerns while I was getting ready for this journey was how I’d deal with family emergencies while potentially hundreds of miles (and a few days) away from both a safe marina and an airport.  And how would I even get the news?  Could I get home in a timely fashion?  Would my boat be secure, left unattended for potentially six months or even longer?  Would it still be waiting for me and seaworthy after a major storm?  These are questions that I didn’t really address because there were too many dynamic variables, and, well, because I didn’t want to.  But now that time has come.

A member of my immediate family was just diagnosed with a late-stage cancer and it’s my responsibility to go home for a while.  I’ll be taking some time off from this trip, leaving Saoirse secure in St. Kitts and flying back home to the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  I don’t know how long I’ll be, but I’ll be picking right back up where I left off once this storm blows over and all is well again.

In the meantime, I’ll be bringing you some high-quality images of my beloved Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe.  Time and conditions permitting, I’d like to check-off the Tahoe Rim Trail and many other backcountry hikes in the area.  You can’t beat summers in Lake Tahoe…or any other season for that matter!  It also beats spending the summer running from hurricanes.

To the dozens and dozens of sponsors, I hope you’ve been happy with my work so far for these first 3,500 miles.  Your support has enable me to learn underwater photography and take some great images that have earned the attention of a handful of magazine editors.  I haven’t had to use the life raft that I purchased with your funds, but to be brutally honest, I’m quite content with that (though there have been times I kept an eye on it).  Anyone want to donate some bear spray now?

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