I’ve been hanging out where every cruiser would love to hang out in the tropics – at a boatyard – awaiting some repairs to my engine.  Which, by the way, was a simpler fix than I thought.  Thankfully the problem just turned out to be a combination of old fuel lines and wrong sizes, delaminating over the years and now allowing a little bit of air into my fuel system.  It’s funny how multiple unrelated engine problems will present themselves at the same time, making troubleshooting difficult.  Anyways, the lines have been replaced, fuel system cleaned, and the engine is running.  Maybe I overreacted in That Damn Engine.  This nice surprise made up for losing my camera two days prior.

I went out for my first snorkeling adventure to Fowl Cay, one of the Bahamas’ national parks, with Froggies Out Island Adventures out of Hope Town.  I had used my underwater camera case before (an Ikelite hard case), just snorkeling laps around the boat and experimenting with different settings while taking pictures of sea urchins and starfish.  It was ready for my first real snorkeling trip!  I decided to take my 15mm fisheye lens for this one.

All latches secure and seals sealed, I jumped in the water and slowly submerged the case looking for any leaks.

And there it was.

The lens dome filled with water and I immediately brought the behemoth of a case above my head and swam back to the boat, depositing the camera on the dive platform.  I quickly took the camera out of the case and laid everything out to dry.  I wasn’t going to let this eat into my time underwater, and continued swimming around the reef.

I’ve been caught out in unexpected rain storms with my Canon 5D Mk II before, and even though the camera stopped working immediately, I always just laid it out in the sun and the water would evaporate right out and the camera would function (don’t tell me about the “rice trick”, it just introduces rice dust into the camera).

But that was fresh water.  This was salt water now.  Having seen how salt water just never goes away and likes to corrode metal, I didn’t hold out much hope.  It’s been three days now and the camera still isn’t working.  I haven’t looked at the case yet to see what went wrong, mostly because I’m angry at it and am worried about “accidentally” breaking it.

If there is any good news or moral to come out of this story, it’s that the damaged camera was a spare body I bought off of eBay before this trip, just in case such a thing were to happen.  My primary Canon body was safe on my boat during all of this.

And the 15mm lens, a fisheye, still functions.  I’m going to give the camera a few more days and expose it to a few more tricks before completely giving up.  I’m almost out of tricks though, so what do you have?

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