We’ve been through this before…I get focused on boat projects and no one hears from me for weeks.

I don’t have any new photography to show since my hike to Lake Aloha, primarily because the longer it takes to get this boat back in the water, the longer I go without being able to capture the photos I’m looking for.  So my camera sits behind my cans of varnish, tools, spare wiring, and so on.

I was hoping to be crossing the Gulf Stream on my way to the Bahamas right about now, but that’s the beauty of not having a set schedule.  Nothing gets rushed and there are no disappointments.  If you missed my last update, my major projects included removing the old wheel, helm, and gearing to convert to a tiller, and lowering my mast to polish & wax it, replace wiring, lighting, and install new standing rigging.  This is what I’ve done since then:

– I’ve finally finished rigging all of my new engine controls. The old ones were on the wheel pedestal that I removed, and I’ve installed new controls on the side of the cockpit.

Saoirse in the boatyard

Before painting the bottom

– The hull is finally polished and waxed (the outer hull above the waterline). I never thought I’d get that shine back, but she’s sparkling now!  While I’m waiting to get my rudder back from the shop (any day now?) I’m going to paint the bottom.  Fresh paint will keep marine growth off, protect the fiberglass underneath, and last a few years as long as I dive on it to clean it.  As you can see from the picture, the bottom is black with a dark red boot stripe.  I’m going to paint the entire bottom that shade of red, as soon as these storms subside.

After applying Cetol to the bowsprit and reinstalling the platform.

After applying Cetol to the bowsprit and reinstalling the platform.

– I’ve finished applying Cetol to the remaining teak. Completing this allowed me to reinstall my bowsprit platform, install my anchor, reset my lifelines, and make netting for the bow to keep my headsails from falling overboard when I douse them.

– Minor electrical work – I installed a 12V car-charger receptacle under my navigation desk; mounted solar panels & relocated the charge controller to the navigation station; and I installed & wired my radar scope to the navigation station while waiting for a replacement part for the radar mount.

– I installed “lazy jacks” to the mast & boom. These will keep my mainsail on top of my boom instead of falling over the sides when I lower the sail.

I hope my rudder doesn’t take too much longer!  The more I sit here, the deeper I dig into new projects!

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