I normally don’t forward or repost videos from others. My mom shared this one after her cousin sent it to her. It’s a TEDX talk by Louie Schwartzberg, an amazing visual artist. You may have already seen it; if so, here it is to watch again.

At first I was blown away by the awe-inspiring time-lapse cinematography, then I was struck by the message contained within. I’ve watched this almost every day for the past week to further justify my decision to abandon my amazing but life-consuming career so that I could spend my time enjoying what we’re given.

In these days of overwhelming negative campaign rhetoric and alarming bigotry, this video will help you bring things back to perspective. It’s ten minutes long, and you need to watch the whole thing through.

Check out Louie’s work at www.movingart.tv.

If the video player doesn’t work, you can view it here: http://www.ted.com/talks/louie_schwartzberg_nature_beauty_gratitude.html


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