Sailboat Locker

The hanging locker across from the head.

People (meaning women) often ask me what I do about my clothes and shoes when living aboard a sailboat.  Surely a 27-foot sailboat can’t hold everything I need, so I must make a lot of runs to storage when I need new stuff, right?  

Well don’t let her little size fool you – this boat has more than enough room for me.

Aft of my berth and across from the head, next to the icebox, is a small locker.  The door is about 15″ x 30″.  It is deceivingly small.  In it, I have hanging a full two-piece wetsuit, dive gear (sans tank and vest), foul-weather gear, two sweatshirts, four dressy-ish short-sleeve shirts, two long-sleeve dress shirts, four pairs of pants, and four pairs of shoes (including hiking boots)…with room to spare for a few more things.

Moving forward, on each side of my berth are two storage hammocks.  In these I keep rolled-up underwear, t-shirts, shorts, socks, and exercise clothes.  Don’t believe me?  The pictures speak for themselves.  Everything I need for long-term cruising.

Back in the stern, I also have a small duffel with my trekking clothes and extra-cold clothing.

V Berth Hammocks

Storage hammocks hang from both sides of my berth in the bow of the boat

On my to-do list is to replace these hammocks with more sturdy wooden shelves, but the hammocks are working out just fine right now so that is more of a long-term project.

As a sidebar to point out just how much storage there is, underneath my berth is 100′ of chain and 200′ of line for anchoring, power tools, tool chest, spare engine parts, spare rigging parts, and the holding tank for waste.  And that’s all just in the bow.  I won’t even list all the other little hideaways throughout the rest of the boat.

Do you really need any more than this?  Think you could do it?


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