Rewriting the big list!

This “living aboard” thing has been going better than I planned…I’m surviving my first winter (albeit a mild one) and am thoroughly enjoying life on the dock.

My whole reason for ditching life “on the hard” one year before setting out on my “Big Trip” was to work on projects and get Saoirse ready just as much as getting myself ready.

But right now my checklist doesn’t have very many checks next to anything.

A few months ago I posted about how methodical I would be in completing all of these projects.  I have completed the important projects mentioned in that post, but things have been slowing down.  I’ve been finding myself distracted just by the sheer novelty of living on a sailboat, and putting aside some of the more important tasks I wanted to accomplish.

Now it’s time to kick in the discipline.  I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this.

Back when I first started flying F-15Es, I had a system to make sure I wasn’t left behind.  It worked.  I had daily tasks to accomplish.  I had a monthly calendar with each day’s tasks spelled out, such as reading a section of the tech orders, reading one chapter in the tactics manual, reading another chapter in the instrument flying procedures, and so on.  This guaranteed that I’d stay ahead of the power curve and would always be able to focus on studying by having a topic.  Looks like I’ll have to bring that mentality to the boat!

I started by rewriting the projects I still need to accomplish.  I’ll categorize these again in the same manner that I did in October, but after living aboard for four months I’m sure some of the priorities will change.  Then I’ll put these on my calendar.  I’ll also go through various books I’ve gathered about cruising and maintenance, and give myself daily study assignments.  Sitting down to read 20 pages one day at a time sure beats having to catch up by reading 300 all at once!

And finally, I will not fall into the trap that some liveaboards experience.  The trap of “just hanging out at the dock for one more project” and never getting the sails up.  Who says I can’t work under way?

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