The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Charger

The portable solar charger and battery that I wanted to love just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I was forced to find a new solution and the Nomad 7 is it.

Geotagging Photos in Lightroom CC

You don’t need a GPS-enabled camera to know where your photos were made. You can geotag later in Lightroom, and this will explain how, from a hiker’s view.

Think Tank Photo: Hubba Hubba Hiney

Choosing the Think Tank Photo Hubba Hubba Hiney camera bag and wearing it as a hip pack during a 200-mile backpacking trip through the Sierra backcountry.

John Muir Trail Trip Report

Tips and lessons learned from my thru-hike of California’s John Muir Trail, June 15th to July 4th, 2015. Permits, resupply, gear, navigation, and photos.

Creative Edge Solar 5 Solar Charger

I took this portable solar phone charger with me on my last sailing adventure, and it exceeded my expectations! And for an amazing price as well!

My Social Media Marketing Journey

Five things I’m going to start doing to increase my visibility on social media, thus driving traffic to my website and ultimately resulting in sales.

Understanding Exposure Compensation

Ready to move a little further past your camera’s “Auto” setting and explore some more functions? Setting exposure compensation is a great place to start.

Three Ways to Correct White Balance

Use any of these three methods in your photography workflow, from capture to post-processing, to ensure that your colors are accurate for better images.

Honl Speedlite Modifiers

Honl Photo makes a line of portable Speedlite modifiers, and they truly are an all-in-one solution for photographers who are limited on what they can carry.

Review: Think Tank Retrospective Bags

I’m a big fan of Think Tank Photo bags. Why? On the outside they don’t look like a camera bag, and this bag has been to hell and back and seems like new.

Choosing A Memory Card

What’s your thought process when choosing a memory card? Get the cheapest one? The one with the most storage for the best price? The first one you see?

Canon Announces 50MP dSLR

Canon took a huge leap in digital SLR world last week when they announced the world’s highest resolution 35mm format cameras – the 5DS and 5DS R.

Canon Lenses Explained

A quick tutorial on all of the different letters on Canon lenses – what they mean and how to choose a lens based on its designation.

Canon 5D III or 6D?

A Canon 5D Mark III and 6D comparison, and my thoughts in choosing one over the other.

The Bahamas: Camera Down

Rookie underwater photographer mistake – don’t preflight your underwater case before a dive. Resulted in the probable loss of a camera body.

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