Annandale Falls

Grenada has many waterfalls. Some require hiking as much as three hours one way, while you can see others without even getting out of the car (like Annandale Falls here). Cruise ship passengers usually opt for the latter because they’re constrained on time. If you’re on the island for days, you can get a guide to take you on some of the longer trips. No matter which way you go about it, there’s no reason not to see all of them!

annandale falls

Annandale Falls

annandale falls

Annandale Falls as seen from the entry booth.

Annandale Falls is one of the easier ones to see.  The cheapest way to see Annandale Falls is by using the local bus transportation. From the St. George’s bus terminal, the No. 7 bus will take you to within a quarter mile of the waterfalls for $2.50EC (~$1.00US) one way. You’ll walk up a small hill to the entry shack and pay the $2US fee and immediately get a glimpse of the falls. Otherwise you can hire one of the island’s many taxi drivers.  This is a popular stop during island-wide tours.

There’s more to these waterfalls than just the falls. There’s a small trail system that looks like it’s fairly new; workers were installing sections of it while I was there. It’ll take you through some of the local vegetation with signs showing you the various plants that grow on the spice island – saffron, avocado, nutmeg, mint, and so on. This is a good leisurely stroll.

annandale falls trail

The maintained trail at Annandale Falls.

spices at annandale falls

Signposts indicating the many plants growing in the area.

jumping into annandale falls

One of the locals jumping into the pool at Annandale Falls.

The trail will eventually take you to a lookout right above the falls. You can see the tributary leading into the falls and look down into the pool below. From this point, wooden steps will take you down to a concrete viewing platform almost right on top of the falls.

Local boys & men usually gather at this platform with a tip box and will jump from the top of the falls for some of your photo opportunities – or maybe you just want to get splashed?  All three men were brightly dressed in Grenada’s national colors while I was there.

Like most waterfalls in Grenada, this one has a collection of vendors outside the front gate.  Cold beers, coconuts, local juices, and spice necklaces are the standard wares for sale.  It does give it a little bit of a touristy feel, but that’s what you can expect for a waterfall with such easy access.

Annandale Falls

Annandale Falls

field trip to annandale falls

Schoolchildren on a field trip to Annandale Falls.

Video featuring this hike


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